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Peters Achim (Luebeck, Germany)

Clinical Research Group "Selfish Brain" University of Luebeck

Competition for energy resources

Petrov Evgeniy (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of NAS of Ukraine

The spaces extremal for the Gomory-Hu inequality
Abstract (.pdf)

Pichkalov Ievgen (Kyiv, Ukraine)

National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Faculty of electronics


Pokutnyi Oleksander (Kiev, Ukraine)

Institute of mathematics NAS of Ukraine, Kiev

Boundary value problems for the Schrödinger equation

Popov Andrii (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Asymptotic analysis of the Steklov spectral problem in thin perforated domains with rapidly varying thickness and different limit dimensions
Abstract (.pdf)

Prestin Juergen (Luebeck, Germany)

Institute of Mathematics University of Luebeck


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